Tailor-made services coupled with available support


Service level agreement

For customers of Enterprise plan, WeLoop commits to the following: platform availability (99,99%), support availability, guarantee of taking calls within 2 business hours, resolution of blocking anomalies within 8 to 24 business hours depending on your type of contract, performance guarantee (may vary by zone) and data loss guarantee.

Dedicated support

Make the most of our solution and benefit from the support of your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Get access to a continuous audit of your community and learn how to monitor User Engagement and keep it at its highest level. Draw comparison between your different communities and compare your results with your industry best practices. Your Customer Success Manager helps you integrate new product team members and keeps you informed about the latest innovations developed by WeLoop.



At WeLoop, we constantly update our application to offer you new features. These updates are made with minimum break in service, and accompanied by the relevant information: end users and Product Owners are notified with in-app release notes, whereas admins receive summaries on a monthly-basis.

Scalability and Continuity

Resilience & High Availability

To ensure the highest availability to our Enterprise customers, IT infrastructure lays on two Availability Zones within the same Microsoft Azure Region. Which guarantees full-operation even if one of the two zones fails. This architecture guarantees both low latency and availability - actually higher than 99.99%. Full-transparency towards our customers being one of our main concerns, you can find this information on our website.


Each layer of the infrastructure (storage, compute, network) grows horizontally to meet the application load increases, ensuring a consistent level of performance.

Loose coupling

WeLoop uses an iFrame technology, which means that if our widget wasn’t longer connected to your application — for whatever reason - , there would be no drop in performance or availability for your application.

Disaster recovery

In case of a complete region loss, a full backup plan is implemented in less than 24 hours and we guarantee a data loss of less than 24 hours.

Confidentiality and Security: our priority



At WeLoop, protecting and securing your information is one of our top priorities! This is why the data is encrypted and both software and system architecture are designed so that no user outside your organization can access your data. Only people from the WeLoop team who need customer data for their work have access to it and this access is strictly limited. Access to infrastructure components is also traced, allowing for auditing and verification that security measures are effective at any time.


At your request, Single Sign On (SSO) can be enabled to keep full control of the authentication chain through our SAML v2 connector. We can also connect to your identity managers (Slack, Google, Ping ...). The passwords we keep are subject to a strict policy on complexity and encryption.



Data streams sent from the WeLoop widget or back-office to our virtual datacenter are encrypted in transit using 256-bit encryption and access to our APIs is done in TLS / SSL.


The treatment and the confidentiality of your data being one of your primary concern, Weloop is GDPR compliant. For any question regarding the treatment of your data, we invite you to refer to our Terms of Use or to contact our team.


Build your community right now!

A single watchword: simplicity

Seamless integration without training for end users

100% intuitive, the conversational interface takes the codes of social networks for immediate onboarding of end users. Without training, or even prior information, your users engage naturally and simply the conversation and spontaneously exchange on what matters to you: how to improve the product.

Fast installation for your technical teams

WeLoop installation is done in few minutes, by simply inserting a few lines of JavaScript in your web application. Users are automatically authenticated, right from the first use.

No impact on the development team processes and tools

WeLoop integrates perfectly with the tools and processes of your product team: we are interfaced with most of the project management tools (GitLab, Trello, Jira, ServiceNow...) that WeLoop enriches with innovations that your users prefer. The stages of the development cycle are not affected by WeLoop. Your custom tool is not interfaced yet? Tell us!

A sustainable investment, adapted to your needs


A workflow adaptable to your organization

WeLoop allows you to fully customize the Loops (feedback) processing workflow that exactly matches your organization, and its evolutions. You can also customize a template from our library : start from a blank, or if you wish, be assisted by your dedicated Customer Success and get tips and examples from best practices. Take advantage of all of WeLoop's possibilities to assign tasks, sort them out, communicate and transmit information within the team, to your users or other employees of the company.

Multi-app / project-focused / compatible on all application portfolio

WeLoop integrates with all your web applications without any restrictions. WeLoop is also available for SharePoint, PowerBI, Qlick Sense and Tableau Software and other applications on the market. By choosing WeLoop, you give your Collaborators a Voice, no matter what application they use. Thus, you are able to compare the vitality and strength of the different communities that have been formed, and share the lessons learned from the different experiences.



A transparent and predictable pricing that doesn’t depend on the maturity of your products: the price per project remains the same, regardless how much end user your app hosts.