User app widget

A tool granted to your image

Customize the widget to match your graphic charter : logo, colors, welcome message, icon location, etc.

An immediate onboarding

Inspired by social network codes, users intuitively use the widget without prior training. They can instantly create improvement requests, add screenshots, and interact with the rest of the community by liking, commenting, voting, within their application.


Application Manager Interface

An interface that adapts to your needs

Organize and sort your product backlog according to your preferences, your internal processes and your organization. This is where all feedbacks will be centralized!

Engage your community

Chat with your users, ask them questions, ask them for details or seek their advice. Define the order of priority of an improvement!

Enjoy statistics

Track the activity of a user feedback with a simple click (number of likes, views, reactions, etc.), analyze the profile of your users (technical environment, participation in WeLoop) and the use of your application.


Manage your users

You have the option to limit the use of WeLoop to certain members or to gather them through groups.


Build your community right now!