Federate your users into a community and give them a role in the lifecycle of your product

WeLoop places collaborative intelligence at the heart of your applications. Working alongside your users has never been easier!

The best companies use WeLoop

WeLoop enables effective collaboration between product teams and all users, all around the world.

Involve users in the continuous improvement of their applications.

Build a strong user community thanks to a conversational widget inspired from social network interactions. Awake their interest,  stimulate their creativity and give them the floor to build their applications alongside product teams.

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Features matching real needs: it is possible!

Enjoy a unique channel of communication integrated directly in your applications. Issues, needs, improvements are shared, discussed and centralized in the same place. Moreover, duplicates are avoided thanks to autocompletion.

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Objective feedback for realistic expectations

Feedbacks are now intelligent. Commitment rate, number of votes, interactions, you know everything about each feedback shared within the community. Thanks to a better understanding of user needs, reconnect with user satisfaction!

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Start now to improve your product through your community!

 Meet all success criteria for your product!

Involve all users by your side

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Identify users’ real needs

Democratize success in your company

WeLoop works well with your workflow

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