Unify feedback & support for continuous improvement

WeLoop brings together all the tools needed by the product team to listen and qualify user needs. Ensure great user experience by contextualizing all exchanges between business and IT.

Communicate with your users

Pilot the evolution of your projects efficiently

Ease the dialogue between business and IT departments

Master the experience of your users

Ease the dialogue between business and IT departments


A widget integrated directly in the application

In one click, your users participate in the improvement of their application without having to leave it and without changing their habits!

Collect feedback from your users

Let your users express themselves on the next improvements to be made, the bugs to be fixed... add tags and make anotable screenshots.

An active user community

Business and product teams share and enrich evolution requests together, in any language thanks to instant translation.

Master the experience of your users

Community interactions

Interact instantly with your users regarding their feedback to qualify and measure the priority of each request.

Feedback contextualization

For efficient decision making and accurate development, each feedback is shared with its context (URL, browser, engagement variables ...).

Transparency on feedback evolution

To ensure an optimal user experience, your users are automatically informed of the evolution of their feedback.

Pilot the evolution of your projects efficiently

Bi-directional integration with project management and ITSM tools

WeLoop integrates seamlessly with your IT ecosystem by sharing complete, contextualized "tickets" with your tools and synchronizing request statuses.

User groups

Create user groups according to your needs: profiles, countries, projects...

Engagement and usage analytics

Understand and analyze the behavior of your users to decide on the next evolutions, and measure their impacts.

Communicate with your users

Contextualized surveys

Ask for community input on various topics by pushing polls and surveys directly into the widget.

Release notes contextualized

Inform your users of all information related to the life of the application, at the right time, in a contextualized manner: updates, upcoming maintenance...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your users have free access to information about the use of the application, which increases their autonomy and reduces the support load.

We also get feedback from people who spontaneously tell us “I love going through WeLoop because I get my answer quickly.

WeLoop integrates with all business applications.

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