6 tips for relevant feedback and engaged users

Victor Arfi,

The place of feedback is very important in the improvement of applications and user experience. The key to a good product? Relevant and pre-qualified user feedback, coupled with features adapted to the needs. Easier said than done, you might say! Following several interviews with different project managers and by analyzing different user – project manager interactions, we have gathered some tips to make this important step of your product as successful as possible

1. Engage your users

Used to work on several products, your users are not focused on giving feedback, even more if their feedback is not crucial for the product to work. Notice them that they are listened to, that the product is here to match their needs and exceed their expectations.

2. Listen to them

The first step to engage your users is to listening to them. Once you noticed them and told them the WHY of giving feedback, answer their questions, improvement requirements etc. etc. Answer to everybody so that your actions is global.

3. Value their feedback

User engagement has to be seen and valued. Show them that you take into consideration their voices. Communicate with them when launching a new feature or update. When seeing their product evolving day after day, they will intuitively engage themselves into a continuous improvement process.

4. Learn how to say “No”

As a Product Owner, your role is also to identify the relevance of each feedback. Needless to say that process to development any single feedback is not relevant. Nevertheless, don’t leave your users without answer when declining a feedback. Always keep them posted of what is done, whether it is positive or negative. In a nutshell: be transparent!

5. Involve them all the time

It is hard for your users to be involved and defend their product if they are not aware of its progression. Thus, you need to involve and engage your users at anytime: incoming update, release of new features etc. etc. You will automatically enjoy a better user engagement.

6. Reward them

You need them and they need you, that’s a fact. Thanks to user feedback, the continuous adoption of your product is secured. That said, their contribution must be rewarded. The more they feel acknowledged for their contribution, the more you engage your users.