About WeLoop

One team, one story and one journey!

Monthly constant double - digit growth
Between 20 and 50%
of users are involved in the application lifecycle.

A start like a real successful start-up!

It was during his work-study period at Pwc that Victor Arfi was confronted with a problem related to communication between the business and IT teams. The idea of a tool to facilitate exchanges between application users and developers came quickly.
Convinced by this need, he published an ad on the internet to find partners to share this adventure with him.

The idea became clearer when he met Paseuth and Tung, who were quickly convinced by the potential and interest of the product bringing a more technical and communal dimension. From the first meeting in 2015, the adventure has started, with the three of them starting in Victor's grandmother's apartment.

First office
The Refiners, San Francisco

The Refiners: an important actor for WeLoop!

For sure a great start, but the adventure took a more serious turn at the Vivatech show in 2017, where WeLoop was spotted by the Refiners, a program which helps high potential startups to become global.

Victor, Paseuth and Tung didn't hesitate to take the plunge and thus take off for Silicon Valley to think BIG! A huge pivot in the history of WeLoop, thanks to new knowledge, motivated mentors and convinced by the potential of the tool.
A real change of direction for the young startup which stopped focusing on recipes to be more user-centric and thus combine community building and data analysis.

On our way to the stars!

It was during this program that the project evolved from a minimum valuable product (MVP) to a high-speed machine, with the objective of making users a community invested and directly involved in improving their business applications.

Since the return to France, WeLoop is in the starting blocks! The team is growing with UX designer, developer, sales...
More and more professionals believe in the project and the number of investors is increasing with a fundraising with renowned business angels specialized in the sector. Three years after its creation, it's 1/3 of CAC 40 companies that use and recommend WeLoop.

WeLoop Team
Victor Arfi


CEO & Co-funder
Martin PICOD


UX / UI Manager
Grégory Ruotolo


Sales manager


Developer Front-end
William Luangphinith


Security & Developer
Jessy Lionnet


Designer manager
Yousra Mahros


Com & Marketing
Paseuth Thammavong


CTO & Co-funder


Software Engineer & Co-founder


UX / UI Designer
Rémi Fourmeaux


Customer success


Data Scientist
Céline Desnoé


Developer Front-end


Business developer


Business developer

Put your users at the heart of your product strategy.

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