How Action Logement manages efficiently internal user feedback during UAT phases.

Victor Arfi,

For more than 60 years, the main objective of the Action Logement group, a key player in social housing, has been to facilitate access to housing in order to promote employment.


Action Logement has an Intranet platform which has recently required major upgrades. Like any large group, Action Logement is in the middle of a digital transformation. Indeed, the group wants to digitize in order to offer its employees more and more efficient and original experiences.

The company has faced difficulties on the Intranet platform. Indeed, Action Logement considered it necessary to install a tool that would allow users to centralize, categorize and prioritize user feedback. The need was especially felt during the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase when many returns were made but unfortunately they were not centralized and prioritized and therefore cannot be processed:

  1. Centralize all user feedback to manage all returns made regarding UAT.
  2. Create a direct link and proximity between all intranet users.
  3. Formalize and respond to every returns quickly in order to optimize the processing of all returns.


One of the primary needs was the ability to categorize and prioritize user feedback. Thanks to WeLoop and its customizable Kanban, Action Logement was able to centralize all user feedback. In addition, the feedback process is very fast on WeLoop, which is useful especially during the UAT phase.

WeLoop allows a user to be very autonomous from the first use and to be proactive faster.

Finally, the choice of WeLoop was also based on the fact that our tool integrates directly with internal ITSM tools (ex: Jira, GitHub…), for a perfect follow-up and transmission of returns.

Thus, WeLoop has allowed Action Logement to permanently feed the product backlog. Easy to use and very intuitive, WeLoop allows a user to be very autonomous from the first use and to be proactive faster.


Most of the time, the technical implementation process of WeLoop takes five minutes with only a copy/paste of a script into the business application code. A follow-up of the implementation is also set up throughout the project with monthly REXs and quarterly reports.


45 users were mobilized in a single month for a complete UAT.

27 feedbacks were made with a 100% processing rate.

The objectives have been achieved: with WeLoop, Action Logement has been able to better manage the UAT phase on the Intranet platform thanks to a better organization and a faster identification of each feedback by correctly categorizing it. This is notably due to the customizable kanban that allows the Business Owner to centralize all user feedback.

Thus, all returns could be processed during the different UAT phases. Connected directly to ITSM Action Logement tools (such as Jira, Github …), WeLoop has allowed to continuously feed the product backlog in a relevant and fluid way.

Finally, thanks to its easy handling, the first user feedback was very fast. Proximity and a direct link with the various users was created immediately after the launch of the platform.