Create a global community of farmers committed to the continuous evolution of their digital tools.

Victor Arfi,

The objective of the Agro One project is to provide applications to food industry employees that will allow them to monitor, improve and optimize their processes in order to meet the challenges of the Bonduelle Group: living well through plant-based food.

“WeLoop has impacted the user feedback retrieval workflow by removing the delay brought on by weekly follow-up meetings. With WeLoop, feedback is immediate and can therefore be processed as quickly/early in the project as possible.”

Arnaud Adamczyk – Product Owner


The Agro One project is currently being deployed in a pilot version with about 50 users worldwide. Countries and regions have been identified to test WeLoop in real conditions. These include the United States, Russia, Hungary and the South of France. This global use presents two major challenges: the accessibility of the tool and its security.

Two things are very important to me. Firstly, the multilingual aspect of WeLoop which allows each user to express themselves in their native language and be understood by everyone. Secondly, the integration into our security system which allows users to use WeLoop with a single click without having to log in or change applications.

Rob Parkhill – Product Owner

The use

Once the accessibility and security issues had been addressed, Bonduelle wanted a tool that was easy to use and provided quick and easy feedback to the project team.

We wanted a tool that would allow us to get quick feedback on the development of our applications in order to stick to our Agile methodology.

Arnaud Adamczyk – Product Owner

Finally, it was important for Bonduelle to communicate to all Agro One users at once.

WeLoop allows all stakeholders in the application to have the same level of information when it comes to improvements and new features. It also allows the project team to monitor user engagement and adoption of the application.

Rob Parkhill – Product Owner

Results in 12 months

  • 150 feedbacks collected, that is more than 12 feedbacks/month
  • 350 messages shared on these feedbacks to understand and qualify them
  • 30 feedbacks sent to their project management tool to modify Agro One and provide an optimal user experience