Bring closer business and IT teams

Collaborate easily with all stakeholders and save time by centralizing all requests in one platform.

Business owners

Rely on your user community and your product team


Your users exchange between them to qualify the feedback


Share requests to the IT team effortlessly


Reward your most active users


Give more autonomy to your community on the support side

Reduce the number of incoming requests

With contextualized FAQ and semantic search system, users are automatically directed to what they are looking for and get immediate answers. No more duplicates.

Identify relevant feedback from your user community

Feedback is collaborative. Each user gets involved, shares his opinion to create collaborative intelligence in order to qualify needs with precision.

A single interface to communicate with your users and the product team

Centralize all user feedback in one place, synchronize and share it in one-click on your ITSM tools.

Using WeLoop has been very interesting and beneficial to us because of the simplicity and speed of integration so that the user has access to WeLoop anywhere on their app.