The success of your projects is our priority

We support you throughout the duration of our collaboration to ensure a high level experience on your applications.


A step-by-step process customized for each of our customers

Personalized follow-up at each stage of the onboarding process


Understand your project and identify the objectives to support you in setting up WeLoop.


Gather the project stakeholders and validation of the implementation schedule.


Integrate and configure the WeLoop solution and validate a communication plan for the introduction of the solution

A regular follow-up to support you in the change

Monthly follow-up

To ensure the perfect adoption of the tool, we support you in getting used to the tool, sharing best practices and presenting new features.

Half-year review

Every 6 months, together, we review the results, the performance and the areas for improvement.

"Our customers trust us to optimize the use of tomorrow's products"

WeLoop has had an impact on the workflow for retrieving user feedback […] With WeLoop, feedback is immediate and can therefore be processed as quickly/early in the project as possible.

Before WeLoop, like many projects we received a lot of emails, sometimes easy to process, sometimes set aside to review in detail.

WeLoop has been very well received because it is an intuitive and ergonomic tool that allows users to better adhere to the tool.

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