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The relationship with our contributors has improved a lot because they understood that with WeLoop, we are really listening to their comments and feedback.

Naget Teber
Platform manager
They trust us
  • Adeo
  • Action Logement
  • BNP Paribas
  • Decathlon
  • EDF
  • Gojob
  • Nosoft
  • Sopra Steria
  • Thales
  • Total
  • Veolia
  • Vinci

The work of the Agile team is facilitated by user loops and the backlog is enriched in an easiest way. End users feel closer to the IT team.

Jeremy Texier
Operational Performance Manager
Gilles Lemoigne - Daher

WeLoop has been deployed at Daher as part of the implementation of an internal advertisment management tool that was developed on a SharePoint technology.

Gilles Lemoigne
Head of Development
WeLoop allows all the actors of the application to have the same level of information when it comes to improvements and new functionalities. It also allows the project team to manage the commitment and adoption of the application's users.
Rob Parkhill
Business Solutions Manager
WeLoop makes it easy for me to take into account the returns. "So I can filter them before I present them to the devs
Product Owner
Being able to collect user feedback, whether on improvement suggestions or unidentified bugs in pre-production, greatly facilitates the development of the product as a PO
Expert in digital strategy
Nosoft users have an integrated interface to communicate their comments. We avoid having an anarchic report of subjects in particular by email with the benefit of having screenshots which make it easier to understand the feedback
Rémi Bourdillon
I use Weloop to mainly collect the problems / needs that can be covered by "Continuous improvement" tickets with a high "business value" / "development cost" ratio
Florent Isidore
Product Manager

Put your users at the heart of your product strategy.

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