Discover 9 keys success factors for an IT project

Yousra Mahros,

The success of your projects is a determining factor for the productivity and well-being of your users. Discover 9 key success factors of an IT project that will allow you to overcome the challenges to maximize the chances of success of your projects.

1. Define the need

But pour un projet

One of the first key success factors of an IT project is a precise definition of the real need. The implemented tools must be able to bring a real added value to the users. For this, it is essential to involve them from the definition phase of the needs.

2. Choose the right project manager

Chef de projet IT

The choice of the project manager is one of the key success factors of an IT project. It is indeed him who will lead all the other actors and allow them to work together. A good project manager must be able to deal with technical difficulties. But above all, he must be able to get his team to adopt the project thanks to his listening and communication skills.

3. Rely on key users

Key user d'un projet IT

Motivated key users who are well integrated into the teams are a key success factor. They play both an important role as ambassadors to promote the new tools to their colleagues, and as first-line technical support. Having someone who can help them builds user trust.

4. Involve all employees

Collaborateurs dans le succès du projet IT

Effective user adoption requires the involvement of all users in the various phases of the project. Users who have participated in the definition of needs and whose feedback is taken into account during the deployment are naturally more inclined to use the proposed tools and to get the maximum efficiency from them.

5. Focus on communication

Communication pour assurer le succès

Effective and transparent communication in all phases of the project is a determining factor in obtaining the support of all employees. It is important to highlight the positive points and the successes. Difficulties should not be minimized, but presented as challenges to be met collectively.

6. Consider all feedback as a key success factors

Tenir compte des feedback sur un projet IT

Feedback from the field is a valuable tool for improving technical solutions as well as deployment procedures. Implementing a true collaborative feedback tool allows you to benefit from collective intelligence.

Feedback en continu

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Whether your application is in the deployment or maintenance phase, discover how to improve the adoption of your application through feedback.

7. Training in change management

Le Change est un facteur clé de succès

Managers need to be aware of the challenges of change management and trained in methods to make users accept change. Everyone must learn to see innovation as an opportunity, and be able to promote this vision.

8. Implement continuous improvement tools

Amélioration du projet IT

Each IT project must be part of a global approach to continuous improvement within the company. Its success must be based on the knowledge gained from past projects, and serve as a basis for an even more effective implementation of future innovations.

9. Close the project properly

Clôturer avec succès un projet IT

As part of this continuous improvement process, it is important not to underestimate the project closing phase. Feedbacks with more experience will allow you to refine the understanding of what can be optimized for future projects.