Delivering an optimal user experience on a global production management platform.

Victor Arfi,

The Darwin project consists of a set of IT solutions for the group’s renewable energy operators (solar, wind, hydro and biogas), asset managers and owners on a global scale.

“WeLoop has enabled us to gain efficiency but also to ensure traceability by avoiding redundant feedback and having access to the history.”

Theo Jessen – Product Owner


These are expert applications, dedicated to very specific needs: performance analysis, predictive maintenance of equipment, operation and asset management. The aim is to standardise working methods within Engie through the use of Darwin.

“The possibility of creating interaction both between the platform’s users and the platform’s managers, but also between the users themselves, via the WeLoop news feed. What’s more, more than a tool for reporting anomalies, it also allows for suggestions for improvement and questions. All of this can be quickly and easily taken care of when creating a Loop.”

Theo Jessen – Product Owner


Before WeLoop, the Darwin team used to get feedback from the field through the various Key Account Managers. WeLoop has changed this process and now allows the Darwin team to be more efficient in its feedback management.

“Communication with Azure DevOps is a must have for our work.”

Theo Jessen – Product Owner

The other challenge for the Darwin team, once this feedback has been received, is to process it and send it on for development.

Results in 12 months

  • 105 active users
  • 102 feedbacks obtained, i.e. more than 8 feedbacks/month
  • 324 messages exchanged on these feedbacks to understand and qualify them
  • 207 votes shared on feedbacks