WeLoop spreads the voice of user within your company

WeLoop's ambition is to provide IT managers with the possibility to centralize and measure the user experience on business applications. Improve user satisfaction and guarantee their productivity, bringing an user centric vision to your applications by listening and co-building with them.

The user experience has often been one of the last concerns of CIOs. Isn’t that what made Apple successful? Why don’t we have this equivalent on our internal applications when we use them every day? This is changing: 84% of leaders see customer experience management as a top priority in the coming years, compared to only 35% just two years ago. WeLoop aims to offer all employees an exceptional user experience on their internal applications.

Implement the user-centric approach in your application

Your users are the first ones concerned by your applications. WeLoop ensures that you develop and improve your applications with users always at the core.

Measure user experience of your business applications

With WeLoop, collect in real time and continuously measure user experience on your business applications. WeLoop provides real-time feedback on how your users perceive your tools.

Keep your talents

Weloop brings together business and IT Team so, they create a community with a commun goal : provide the best experience on business applications.