Future of Work : Continuously improve your applications with your users

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Instant exchanges with your users community!

How? By improving the user experience in your digital workplace. WeLoop gives your users the opportunity to interact with each other and with you whenever they want! You will be able to solicit them at any time in order to collect and qualify more precisely their needs and the next features requested.

Report feedback in 1 click without leaving your applications

WeLoop offers a perfect user experience by easing the navigation and the connection to our tool thanks to our SSO. In 1 click on our widget, users will be able to create and report their feedback without ever leaving their apps. This offer them an optimal user experience, allowing them to collectively identify the next relevants features. 

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Exchange instantly in 70 languages!

WeLoop allows you to erase geographical barriers between all your users! All exchanges are simple and allow to have an active community by reducing without language barrier. The process of co-creation and continuous improvement are facilitated. Features identification has no limit and no languages ! 

Reduce the size of the IT backlog by avoiding duplicates

Duplicate recovery in the backlog represents a huge waste of time. Therefore, as you enter your request, WeLoop automatically suggests relevant feedback related to your request. Thus, if one of the suggested request is similar to yours, a duplicate will be avoided. 


A personalized kanban for a perfect management of user requests

After a pre-qualification by your user community, WeLoop allows you to have an overview of all user feedbacks and to visualize important statistics (reach & engaged) to follow up, qualify, involve them in order to send the relevant ones in development. In this way, the next functionalities to be developed are qualified and prioritized according to urgency and relevance.

Collect the feedback context for a better qualification

WeLoop eases the qualification process of the needs by automatically collecting all information from the user's system. Then, you'll be able to efficiently qualify and prioritize each request. Transparency is the key because sending the full context of each request also allows developers to produce the expected functionalities. 

Servicenow, Jira.. Synchroniser vos feedbacks utilisateurs

A two-way connection with you project management tools !

Send qualified and prioritized requests to your developers and always include the context of each need (URL, browser ...). When an action is carried out on your project management tool, you are instantly informed on WeLoop, allowing you to notify your users on the progress of the requested features' development.

Understand your users with statistics

In order to have an overview of your project from WeLoop, you can consult important statistics such as the number of new requests, their nature and orign or the number of those sent in your project management tool.


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