How Gojob centralizes feedback from its users effectively

Victor Arfi,

Gojob is one of the rising stars of the startup ecosystem in France. Specialized in temporary work, the company wanted to use WeLoop to centralize employee feedback in one place. Thus, this enabled the product teams to better prioritize future developments. Here is the interview with Florent Isidore, Product Manager at Gojob.

Who are you?

GoJob is a startup from Aix-en-Provence, a temporary employment agency, the blablacar of interim. Our job is to bring together job seekers with our customers.

What is your job and missions?

I’m Product Manager. My role is to understand the needs and issues of our coworkers, users (job seekers) and customers. The aim is to find adapted solutions to match all these needs and fix all issues.

What were your motivations about WeLoop?

The target is to have one and only tool which groups all feedback from our different users. We did not have a specific tool for that and really needed a channel where coworkers can share needs, ideas, suggestions, issues in order to manage more efficiently the work or our Development and UX teams.

Can you present the project and its actors?

GoJob is a marketplace, meaning that we put through job seekers and our customers. We have three platforms: one for our job seekers, one for our customers and one for our coworkers. WeLoop is live on our coworker’s one (also called back-office) which serves two purposes. Staffing: find good candidates for a given customer need. Administration: generate contracts, follow time sheets, invoice our customers and pay our temps. We began with our coworker’s platform to receive internal needs at first.

How did you receive feedback before WeLoop?

Before WeLoop, we did not have a specific tool. We had several meetings with coworkers who had feedback to share. We also used the tool Hotjar for a couple of months but it doesn’t match our needs. We had feedback but no collaborative approach. We have it today with WeLoop thanks to collaborative feedback, interactions, votes etc.

How was WeLoop received by the community? What results did you observe?

Very well! Logging in is really fast. Gamification was a key element for WeLoop’s adoption by our coworkers. We had a lot of feedback as of the launching and we have a strong basis of 10 highly active coworkers who share feedback, comment and vote continuously. In a nutshell, very warm welcome and lots of feedback as of the beginning.

How did weLoop redesign your workflows?

Today at GoJob we are four squads with four Product Managers. We have a weekly meeting together to analyze feedback shared on WeLoop. First, we start by categorizing each feedback by squad and by functional scope. Then we engage conversations with users to understand more about their needs / ideas / suggestions. Once we know enough, we feed our Roadmap with these new feedbacks. Either they are going to significantly influence the Roadmap, or they only need a couple of days of development and therefore contribute to the “continuous improvement” of our platform.

Which gains are you enjoying with WeLoop?

Gains are divers. We have a gain in terms of transparency thanks to two-way communication (top-down and bottom-up). We also have a gain with the feedback prioritization. As WeLoop groups all feedback and is accessible by all users, we can quickly evaluate the criticality of each feedback and prioritize them efficiently.

A big thank you for your time Florent Isidore, we are very proud that WeLoop could assist you in your days!