How Adeo managed the distance between IT teams and store employees

Victor Arfi,

ADEO is the world’s third-largest player in the improvement of housing, living environment, tools for individuals and professionals in the housing sector. The company is established in 15 countries with 114,000 employees and 800 stores all around the world.


Adeo has launched a platform to manage orders, services and worksites in their Leroy Merlin stores.
This application is used on a daily basis by Leroy Merlin employees to administer, monitor and modify the services requested by the brand’s customers.

Since the team in charge of the platform at headquarters is organized according to Agile methods, they needs to obtain qualified and regular field feedback in order to continuously adjust the platform. Thus, they wanted to use a feedback manager as soon as the platform was deployed to Leroy Merlin employees.

  1. Adeo needed to have regular, relevant and qualified field feedback from employees scattered over the world.Créer une communauté d’utilisateurs impliqués dans l’amélioration de leur application
  2. Create a community of users committed to improving their application
  3. Improving resource allocation at headquarters and increase the productivity of the development teams


Present in 15 countries, Adeo needed WeLoop to break the geographical barrier with each field collaborator. Indeed, WeLoop is a collaborative tool that facilitates communication between all users in all countries, especially through the translation feature that allows to understand and collaborate with foreign colleagues.

Present in 15 countries, Adeo needed WeLoop to break the geographical barrier with each field collaborator.

They also wanted to have a simple, intuitive and efficient tool so the employees that use the platform can use it and do feedback rapidly. WeLoop is directly integrated with project management tools (backlog) for a perfect follow-up and transmission of field returns.


Most of the time, the technical implementation process of WeLoop takes five minutes with only a copy/paste of a script into the business application code. A follow-up of the implementation is also set up throughout the project with monthly REXs and quarterly reports.


230 feedback in a yearwith a peak with 70 feedback were created in a single month!
More than 230 users are using WeLoop to do their feedback, with an average of 15 new users per month!
100% returns processing rate thanks to tags and interactions between collaborators (collective intelligence).

Goals were achieved: Adeo was able to manage the distance between each employee all over the world. A real community was created and users were able to provide their feedback rapidly through WeLoop.

Thanks to WeLoop, to an efficient communication before the deployment and a perfect integration of WeLoop into the workflows of the team, impressive results can be observed.