Combine Faveod and WeLoop for engaged users by your side

Victor Arfi,

Thanks to the Digital Transformation, business teams now have a huge choice in terms of technical environmentStatistics speak for themselves: each year, the volume of IT project increases by 17%. In the past few years and the appearance of agile methods, we went from “defined in advance and non evolutive projects” to “user centric projects that continuously evolve thanks to user engagement”. For the record, agile teams talk about “product” instead of “projects” because there is no more a determined end. With Faveod and WeLoop evolving on the Digital Transformation stage, one common customer has naturally decided to combine our forces to face its big challenge: secure the adequacy of its business applications with users expectations.

Success was really quick and the same use case appeared with another customer. Proud of our common success and conscious of its tangible value, with Faveod, we decided to start a partnership!

  1. Faveod: functional liberty requires technological liberty
  2. Share a common goal with users to continuously improve business applications
  3. What results should be expected?

1. Faveod: functional liberty requires technological liberty

User feedback collected on WeLoop are unpredictable by nature (or at least unexpected) which is the core value of innovation: finding new approaches, constantly adapting to increase relevance without leaving fundamental features aside. 

We are here at the heart of architects and IT Departments dilemma: how can we choose a technology at the beginning of a project whereas business needs will continuously evolve and question initial decisions? How can we avoid technological debt and all changes implied?

Today, Faveod is the only solution that solves this problem! This is how it works. You continuously set up your features within Faveod’s Web interface. Then, you choose the most adapted architecture and technology to release your application on. No legal nor financial barriers and no dependance with Faveod or a third editor.

This technological liberty is the best guarantee to answer each business request in a short period of time without modifying existing features. Thus, you are no longer forced to take dangerous “bets” about which technology to choose or not. Furthermore, you can manage your application economically in function of different solutions instead of being stuck with one.

2. Share a common goal with users to continuously improve business applications

Sharing a common belief, goal, target, is what bound people and help them make the impossible. In companies, communities are more and more frequently used to question and engage users. Forums, tchats, Wikipedia, we are always talking about people sharing subjects of interest. Why wouldn’t it be the same with users about their business applications?

A study recently showed that 78% of users think that business needs do not match their expectations and that users should be more involved in the improvement process of their applications. By creating user communities directly within applications, WeLoop ensures business needs identification and engage users to participate in the improvement of their applications.

3. What results should be expected?

First of all, you will enjoy quick results. For example, on one of our Faveod – WeLoop project, we have noticed more than 100 feedbacks in a couple of months.

Prior to that, thanks to WeLoop’s express installation and onboardingalmost 500 users are enjoying WeLoop on a daily basis. As Faveod highly facilitates improvements, relevant feedback have been quickly sent to development, tested and adopted by all users.