How Sopra Steria’s IT teams obtained qualified and regular feedback from its sales teams.

Victor Arfi,

Sopra Steria, one of Europe’s leading consulting, digital services and software publishers, helps its customers to drive their digital transformation and achieve concrete and sustainable benefits. The company employs consultants and salespersons who are always off-site, meeting customers, deploying Sopra Steria business etc. etc.


They are using an online platform on a daily basis in order to administer and provide information on their activity and prepare commercial reports. This data is collected by HQ Teams to continuously adjust and update the platform, since they are organized according to Agile methods.

That’s why they need to obtain qualified and regular field returns.

  1. Sopra Steria needs to manage the distance between HQ teams and field sales.
  2. Field Sales need to be able to transfer qualified feedback as soon as possible to HQ teams.
  3. As soon as a feedback is done, answers have to be made the soonest to continuously improve and update their platform according to the Agile methods.


Since HQ teams have been organized according to Agile methods, they rely on WeLoop to obtain quick and regular field returns to continuously adjust the platform. Thus, they wanted to use WeLoop to “test the tool’s usefulness”. In fact, they wanted to break the geographical barrier with each sales in order to have efficient and smooth communications. Hence they can provide updated informations to HQ teams.

They also wanted to have a simple, intuitive and efficient tool so the salesperson can use it during their business travels, meetings etc. etc. WeLoop is directly integrated with project management tools (backlog) for a perfect follow-up and transmission of field returns.


Most of the time, the technical implementation process of WeLoop takes five minutes with only a copy/paste of a script into the business application code. A follow-up of the implementation is also set up throughout the project with monthly REXs and quarterly reports.


More than 125 field feedback were received in only 8 months, i.e. 15/month and there was more than 650 WeLoop users over the period.

Goals were achieved: IT teams have obtained regular field returns from consultants and salesperson splitted over the territory. They understood how to manage the distance between their employees and how to communicate easily with WeLoop.

Also, with WeLoop, Sopra Steria has obtained relevant, accurate and qualified feedback. In fact, field sales can now add some tags to specify their request, share screenshots to illustrate their needs and use the collective intelligence to push a request. 

With WeLoop, Sopra Steria has created a real community of users that interact every day in order to improve their platform.