In-house applications

Bring your in-house applications in the digital workplace. Co-build them with your users.


Involve your users in the continuous improvement process of your in-house applications.

First of all, it's important to put your users at the heart of your in-house applications. How ? By allowing them to take part in the co-creation process and improvement of your in-house applications through contextualized exchanges. Indeed, your community of users will  being able to easily interact with the product manager, and take part in the continuous improvement of their tools. In this way, you ensure continuous use of your in-house applications.

The benefits of WeLoop for your in-house applications:

  • WeLoop multiplies the user experience by 4.5
  • User productivity is increased by 1.5 times
  • WeLoop reduces the number of requests by up to 30%.
Alexandre Brard

'The weLoop solution allowed us to organize the beta test of our real estate portal and to federate a community of beta testers. I had the opportunity to manage other User Acceptance Testing and WeLoop really simplified my life to make the link with the web agency in charge of the website creation.'

Increase the productivity of your user community

Community feedback allows you to identify, more simply, improvements that increase the users' productivity. In addition, each feedback is analyzed in real time by our algorithms to support the product manager in this identification process. In this way, he can quickly make the right decision that will improve the productivity and the experience of his user community. Finally, WeLoop has been designed to provide to your users a simple and effective way to give feedback, with an experience beyond compare. This reduces the number of meetings, email exchanges. From now on, you only send qualified feedbacks to your project management tools.

The benefits of WeLoop for your in-house applications:

  • WeLoop engages 47% of end-users in the request qualification process
  • The community ensures that users create only relevant feedback
  • Up to 20% productivity gain.

Manage efficiently and simply user feedback

WeLoop gathers on a kanban all the feedback from your user community. This way, you can easily manage the feedbacks as you wish and our analyses allow you to easily identify the most important ones. Furthermore, hou also have the possibility to synchronize these feedbacks with your favorite project management tools like Jira or Trello.

WeLoop also allows you to exchange with your users at any time. This way, you can efficiently engage them on a subject or an update on your in-house application.

The benefits of WeLoop for your in-house applications:

  • Tickets sent in development are complete
  • The average time to solve a problem can be reduced by 80%.
  • Decrease in the number of unqualified requests by up to 30%.

Integrate WeLoop quickly and easily into your in-house applications

WeLoop is compatible with the majority of in-house applications to facilitate the integration of it into your digital workplace. Whether the applications are developed on no-code platform, low-code platform, or developed from A to Z in-house, we have the connectors so the WeLoop widget can be added simply.

WeLoop also connects to your enterprise authentication system (Single Sign-On) such as SAML V2 or OpenID protocols in order to ensure a perfect user experience.

WeLoop integration

Put your users at the heart of your product strategy