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Easily identify improvements that will increase user satisfaction and productivity

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Innovate fast and save time by developing what matters to your community

Make your applications the top players of your digital workplace by allowing all of your users to participate in real time in the improvement of their apps. Create an engaged user community which co-builds your applications with you, allowing you to quickly adjust your products according to their needs.

The Benefits of WeLoop for your Power Apps applications:

  • Quickly identify improvements
  • Create an engaged user community
  • Speed up the use and adoption of your applications
  • Increase user satisfaction
Microsoft for Startups

WeLoop is Microsoft Partner for Startup!

We are proud to have been selected to be part of the Microsoft For Startups program. Access to Microsoft teams and their knowledge enables us to provide an unprecedented user experience for Microsoft customers, and to benefit from Microsoft expertise in the areas of digital transformation, digital workplace, and agility.

Gain agility on Power Apps by facilitating user feedback

Improve your applications based on the needs of your user community without compromises. WeLoop allows you to get real-time user feedback. Our algorithms identify for you the most relevant feedback from your users so that you can focus on what created value.

The benefits of WeLoop for Power Apps:

  • Quick identification of important requests on your backlog
  • Involvement of your users in the agile world
  • Fast and efficient user feedback
  • Continuous improvement of your applications
Power Apps - homepage

Effectively and easily manage user feedback made on Power Apps

WeLoop gathers all user feedback from your community on a Kanban. From there you can quickly identify those that are relevant and discuss them with your community. You can also solicit your users by sending them contextualized surveys, which allows you to quickly get feedback.
WeLoop also connects to Microsoft DevOps, Jira, Trello etc. if you are used to working with these tools. So you can be sure that everything that goes into these tools have been previously qualified by your user community.

The benefits of WeLoop for Power Apps:

  • Centralization and easy access to user feedback
  • Easy prioritization of requests backlog
  • Launch of a survey in seconds
  • Synchronization of feedback with Microsoft Devops, Jira etc.

Put your users at the heart of your Power Apps applications!