Bring user experience on Salesforces to the next level!

Salesforce lightning utility bar - WeLoop

Give your users a voice in your Salesforce application.

First, involving your users in your digital transformation ensures your chances of having Salesforce applications used and adopted. Moreover, this applies regardless of the country in which your users are located. Indeed, thanks to WeLoop, your users are organized in a community, which allows them to exchange freely and instantly on demand. In fact, no matter what they do, they never have to leave their Salesforce.

The benefits of WeLoop for Salesforce:

  • Modern feedback system increases 4.5X the user experience
  • End-user productivity is increased 1.5X
  • WeLoop reduces the number of request by 30%
Julien Baradat

Project manager at Total Lubrifiant.


'WeLoop has enabled a significant gain in productivity because it is more interactive and faster, which fits in perfectly with the agile method.'

Boost your productivity on Salesforce with already qualified feedbacks.

Thanks to WeLoop and its functionalities (tags, screenshot ...), users and POs exchange efficiently on their Salesforce application. By soliciting your users regularly, you will create an informal and virtuous engagement allowing you to automatically collect qualified feedback. In this way, you ensure that all the feedback you collect is relevant to your entire user community.

The benefits of WeLoop for Salesforce:

  • WeLoop engages 47% of end-users on the qualification process of the requests
  • Community ensures that users only create valuable feedback
  • Reduction by 3 of the critical path of communication between business and AM teams
Salesforce lightning utility bar - WeLoop
Salesforce lightning utility bar - WeLoop

Improve user satisfaction with faster development cycles.

Thanks to WeLoop communities, the relevant features are developed in your Salesforce application. By developing these features, usage increases accordingly because they now meet users' needs. In addition, project development cycles are efficient. Indeed, the increased influx of qualified user requirements not only reduces the targeting time but also prioritizes all requests.

The benefits of WeLoop for Salesforce:

  • End users are 1.4 times more likely to respond to their colleagues' requests
  • Increase user satisfaction (user satisfaction rate up to 95%)
  • The product is delivered on time with the expected features

Put your users at the heart of your product strategy