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Put your user community at the heart of your SAP applications

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Ensure the use and sustainability of your SAP applications

By adding WeLoop to your SAP applications, you allow the product manager to co-build his applications with the user community, and to simply ensure the evolution of his application over time. Contextualized feedback enables continuous user engagement and makes your applications top players in your digital workplace.

The benefits of WeLoop for SAP:

  • Ensure a high quality user experience
  • More than 47% of end-users engaged in the qualification process
  • Integrate user feedback into your decisions
  • Ensure modern maintenance
Jérémy Texier
Operational Performance Manager

«The work of the Agile team is facilitated by user loops and the backlog is enriched in an easier way. End users feel closer to the IT team.»

Deploy and customize your SAP applications with your users

The deployment of a corporate application requires the mobilization of many resources and a lot of energy. WeLoop supports the product teams in this critical phase to ensure that the customization and configuration of your SAP applications meet the expectations of your users.

The benefits of WeLoop for SAP:

  • All users are stakeholders
  • The average time to qualify a request is divided by 5
  • Up to 50% reduction in the cost of feature development
  • Simple and smooth communication of the actions carried out
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An active user community during all the lifecycle of your applications

If you are part of a product team, an application management team, or a support team, it's a real challenge to identifiy what your end-users really need you to improve on your SAP application. WeLoop helps you to ensure a continuous presence with your users so that the application for which you are responsible, deliver all the potential needed for efficient and quality work. This will ensure continuous improvement of high level over time.

The benefits of WeLoop for SAP:

  • Create a continuous link with your users
  • Develop in priority the most relevant needs
  • Solicit your users at any time on a subject
  • Communicate the evolutions directly in your SAP application

Put your user community at the heart of your SAP strategy