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Make your applications and portals the actors of your digital workplace

Servicenow - Portal

Co-create simply and efficiently with your users on ServiceNow

Gather your users into a committed community to use collective intelligence into your project. Let this community quickly and easily share contextualized feedback directly in your apps and portals. This ensures you a constant link with your end-users, a strong commitment from their part at your side, and a great user experience. You are sure to not missing a significant improvement for your users.

The benefits of WeLoop for ServiceNow:

  • Instant sharing of feedback
  • Contextualization of the exchanges
  • Increased user engagement rate
  • Increased user satisfaction
Najet Teber

«The relationship with our contributors has improved a lot because they understood that with WeLoop, we are really listening to their comments and feedback.»

Ensure end-user productivity and the ROI of your ServiceNow projects!

Contextualized exchanges engage your community of users around your application or portal, facilitating exchanges and collaboration between end-users and the product team. Involving your community in the life of your project increases the user experience as well as productivity. Indeed, sharing contextualized feedback and real-time exchanges allow you to quickly identify the features of your project to improve, ergonomics problems, and bugs.

The benefits of WeLoop for ServiceNow:

  • Quick identification of improvements to make
  • Up to 20% productivity gain
  • The average time to qualify a request is divided by 5
  • Divide by 2 of the features' reworking time.
Servicenow - Portal

Designed for teams of all skill levels

WeLoop is intended to facilitate the co-creation process for product managers of all levels. All the feedbacks are gathered on a customizable Kanban. Each feedback contains the information of the system of the users, the screenshots of your users, and the data to indicate the interest of your community for this request.

You also have the possibility of connecting WeLoop to your favorite project management and ticketing tools to improve the quality of the user stories / tickets that go into these tools: Jira, ServiceNow, Trello etc.

The benefits of WeLoop for ServiceNow:

  • The product is delivered on time
  • Improve the quality of your projects
  • Qualified and complete feedback
  • The backlog is objectively prioritized and urgent feedbacks are identified

Put your users at the heart of your product strategy