Secure satisfaction and ROI of your SharePoint applications!

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Take the SharePoint user experience to the next level

Product Managers are now able to deliver the optimal experience to their users thanks to WeLoop. Users enjoy a platform to share suggestions and identifiy themselves what need to be done on their application. Thus, user engagement is deep and continuous over time and you only develop features which answer identified user needs.

The benefits of WeLoop for Sharepoint:

  • WeLoop multiplies the user experience by 4,5
  • Guarantee the development of relevant features only
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • User productivity is increased by 1,5 times
Gilles Lemoigne - Daher
Gilles Lemoigne

Head of collaborative pole at Daher


'WeLoop has simplified the interaction with our users, our customers, [...]. We have only one channel, the communication is more fluid and faster.'

Ensure adoption and the good use of your Sharepoint applications

By focusing on developing the most relevant needs identified by your users, you limit the number of obsolete and unused features. You responsibly improve your applications and accelerate their adoption. Your applications are now more aligned with the needs of your users by giving importance to their voices.

The benefits of WeLoop for Sharepoint:

  • More than 47% of end-users are involved in improving your applications
  • Requested features are delivered on time
  • Ensure the evolution of your applications over time
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Simplify your exchanges with your user community

No need to exchange an infinite number of emails, meetings, WeLoop allows you to be constantly in contact with your teams regardless of their geographical location. Exchanges are instantaneous and allow you to get into the details of each request. Users, organized in a community, do not just give feedback, with WeLoop, the user experience goes further, especially thanks to the exchanges that allow them to be an important stakeholder in the improvement of their applications.

The benefits of WeLoop for Sharepoint:

  • Applications in perfect alignment with the primary needs of users
  • Perfect features for daily use of applications
  • Reduce by 5 the critical communication path between business and IT teams

Put your users at the heart of your SharePoint applications!