Make your daily work easier thanks to continuous feedback and efficient monitoring

Collect user feedback in an effortless and contextualized way. Share it with developers in their project management tools for a better understanding.

Control the feedback loop in one place

Collect, qualify and prioritize all feedback from your user community in one place. Evolve each request through quantitative and qualitative variables.

Identify and process your users' needs faster

Engage easily your users to participate in the improvement of your application. Involve them actively and on a daily basis in all phases of your application's life cycle.

Track your community's engagement and satisfaction in real time

Although user feedback is impactful, measuring performance indicators offers a complementary approach. Simply and efficiently measure their satisfaction!

Integration of the tool with the application that avoids opening an additional application for the user. Simplicity and ergonomics for users and for back-office tracking of loops. Good support and evolution of the application