Focus your efforts on high value-added requests

Let your user community be autonomous on the recurring requests so that you can be more productive and efficient on the most critical requests.

Support teams

Reduce the burden of first-level support


Collect all data needed for a perfect understanding of the ticket


Reduce the number of tickets with autonomous users on recurring requests


Have all the information you need thanks to a contextualization of each request


Enjoy a first round of filtering thanks to auto-completion to avoid duplicates

Choose WeLoop or your ITSM tool for your support

Is the request above the first level of support? Do you have teams in to handle next levels? WeLoop can redirect these requests directly into your tools.

Rely on the FAQ to empower your users

Without effort and without leaving the application, your users will have access to your FAQ. Synchronized with input fields, only be solicited when a new request is submitted.

Collect the context of each request automatically

Make sure to understand each request! WeLoop allows you to collect the full context of each user request (URL, location, browser, etc.) from the very first exchange.

The multilingual aspect allows users to express themselves in their native language and be understood by everyone. Integration with our security system allows users to use WeLoop with a single click without having to log in or change applications.