Develop and animate the group’s website for customers, prospects and Thales employees.

Victor Arfi,

The thalesgroup.com site is the result of the very decentralized contribution of many people who are located in distant countries and in France. Therefore, federating a community of contributors is very important for the site to live, to be up to date and to meet the expectations of Thales customers.

“WeLoop was already implemented when I joined the team. Usually, when we take on a new job, we start from scratch and implement new processes. But with WeLoop it was different. The integration directly into the user environment was something I had never seen anywhere else.”

Ken Abbott – Site Manager thalesgroup.com


The main problem with the project is that there are several people receiving applications. Sometimes they are easy to process but sometimes they need to be reviewed in detail and some requests may be missed or not processed in time.

“WeLoop allows us to quickly see and categorize all the needs that come in. WeLoop also allows our contributors to not go to another tool, they are in context and so we can retrieve the browser and URL they are on directly.”

Ken Abbott – Site Manager thalesgroup.com


The user population of thalesgroup.com is quite diverse, from young people to people with years or decades of experience. For the younger people, it’s natural and normal, they love Weloop and the speed with which they get their answers. For the others, it takes a little longer, the integration is gradual with the SSO, bringing more comfort for these people. It’s available directly when they log in.

“Before WeLoop, as with many projects, we received a lot of emails, sometimes easy to process, sometimes put aside for detailed review. There was a feeling that we were handling a lot of requests without ever being able to prove or demonstrate the increasing number of requests to be processed.”

Ken Abbott – Site Manager thalesgroup.com

As for functionality, the survey is very important to Thales. They receive requests for new features as for every tool and to sort them out, they submit a survey to their users to identify future developments. They also have the notion of a release where a publication will be made to signal a new change. WeLoop also allows them to list all the new features that are developed and users can refer to them to see what changes have been made and taken into account.

“With Weloop we can sort through the questions that come in from our contributors and very quickly the questions that need further analysis can be synchronized via Jira directly to our agency. This way, questions don’t drag on and are sent directly for further analysis and processing.”

Ken Abbott – Site Manager thalesgroup.com

Results in 12 months

  • 60 feedbacks received
  • 230 messages exchanged on these feedbacks to understand and qualify them