How Thales group built a community of users around its internal applications

Victor Arfi,

Naget Teber is responsible for internal communication at Thales group. As part of the redesign of an internal application done with an external agency, she wanted to use WeLoop for an efficient workflow with the different stakeholders, but also easily retrieve the users’ feedback.

Why WeLoop?

I immediately saw the benefit of the service, since I had made a redesign 1 year ago without any tools to collect feedback from users or contributors and it was quite long. We had many feedback and a large load of responses to provide. so now it’s more interesting to have adapted tool to manage the feedback and to assign them to good people especially to our agency with who we work to manage bugs, malfunctions or even improvements.

What welcome did WeLoop receive?

Users were happy to finally have a tool to contact us more easily and then to be able to specify their requests through more than an email. What was interesting for them was to see that there is a follow-up behind so being able to see the action “send to dev” or that kind of thing. It was more interesting to see that it’s a ticket that we have created more than just a request that is just sent and without any response to it.

Did WeLoop changes you workflows?

There are contributors who contact us only through WeLoop from now and that’s great because it allows us to directly manage the request as it is already identified as a ticket. WeLoop is a time saver for us because we do not have to redo the action and the ticket for our agency.

Has your relationship with your employees evolved?

The relationship with our contributors has improved a lot because they understood that with WeLoop, we are really listening to their comments and feedback. WeLoop is a working tool but also a communication tool which consolidates a community around our platform and our product. In a nutshell, it is interesting and important to finally have a community who feels heard.