The intake of gamification into business applications

Grégory Ruotolo,

What is gamification?

Gamification is described as “a feature which consists in transposing gameplay mechanics into a not playful domain in order to solve problems or enhance an offer while reinforcing user engagement.” Thus, it trigger user engagement through video games technics.

Nevertheless, make sure not to confuse gamification and game. The fist one has for objective to enhance a business application, to make it more appealing.

How does it work?

It is not a proper game but is inspired from gaming techniques better known as game mechanics. Here they are: points, levels, challenges, badges, rankings, gifts.

Each one of these mechanics refers to a different dynamic which triggers user engagement:

The choice of one or several mechanics for your gamification system enables you to initiate different dynamics and obtain different results from users. That said, it is crucial to know which dynamic you want to impulse before releasing your system.

Let’s take a level mechanic for example. With this one, you encourage users to compare themselves and complete levels to be always better. This mechanic enables them to become experts “within” your application and enjoy specific “rights”.

Why are these mechanics made for?

As in video games, gamification mechanics are essential to maintain a certain level of user engagement and reinforce collaboration between employees.

It will motivate new behaviour and initiate several actions. Among others, these mechanics will trigger:

  • A certain action from a user
  • Switch a behaviour from one to another 
  • Create a recurrence in the realization of an action

Gamification represents lots of advantages for a company such as training, user engagement, sales challenges, reward and user loyalty. It also enables your company to secure a membership feeling within your user community. Associated with relevant KPIs, it will drive you to quantifiable results. 


Gamification is key for companies who desire to secure user engagement and create a strong user community. Thanks to identified mechanics, gamification will trigger different dynamics and lead to different results such as an increase of sales, reduce feedback collection time, reduce support costs etc. etc.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is not about playing, it is not a game. It will be relevant if and only if it is associated with a global strategy and specifics KPIs. Within these conditions, gamification will strongly enhance your business application and strengthen user engagement.