Understand, dialogue and measure your users' experience

Identify improvements to be developed, continuously exchange with your users and solicit them on topics that are important to you.

UX designers

Get to know your users


Exchange easily with your users


Solicit your users on a daily basis


Identify user profiles


Use qualitative and quantitative data

Adopt the continuous field vision

View all user reviews, from feedback to surveys. Stay in constant contact with your users, solicit them when necessary and identify the topics that are important to your community.

Qualitative feedback validated by users

Get qualified and enriched feedback from users. Thus, prioritization on your kanban will allow you to be more productive and respond more quickly and efficiently to user needs.

Quantitative data to measure user experience

Get relevant data to improve your users' experience. Access real-time user paths and identify the most clicked areas on your pages.

WeLoop allowed us to gain efficiency but also to ensure traceability by avoiding redundant feedback and having access to the history.