VIVATECH – Our 5 favorite start-ups that contribute to the well-being of your employees!

Yousra Mahros,

For years, WeLoop has participated in the must-attend event for any startup: Vivatech!
It is the annual meeting place for any company looking for visibility and networking.C’est d’ailleurs lors d’une édition de Vivatech que l’venture WeLoop a pris un grand tournant. In fact, it was during an edition of Vivatech that the WeLoop venture took a big turn. Indeed, it was during the Vivatech 2017 trade show that WeLoop was spotted by the incubator The Refiners. The imminent takeoff for Silicon Valley followed. Discover the whole story here.

It was also during Vivatech that we crossed paths with Ponicode, a key partner for WeLoop! Ponicode allows developers to produce high quality code at an unprecedented speed thanks to machine learning. The tool aims to improve the experience and daily life of developers. It helps them focus on the creative aspect of the code, while ensuring its quality.

This year, we are interested in the “Future of Work” category at Vivatech. Indeed, the well-being of employees in the digital workplace is one of the major issues that WeLoop is addressing.

“What is the real impact of well-being on the company?”, “How to understand the needs of employees?“, “What are companies doing to improve employee well-being in the current situation?”, “What digital tools can contribute to the well-being of its employees?”

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 has had a strong impact on the well-being of employees, some young startups have taken the gamble of responding to the problems of well-being at work. Here are 5 innovative companies that will participate in Vivatech during the next edition:

1. CitizenWave

CitizenWave offers companies the first application to accelerate employee cohesion and commitment through sustainable development, by taking concrete initiatives on their societal and environmental objectives.


Campus Workplace by Innovative Community is a digital solution that allows organizations to digitalize and manage all their innovation initiatives within a single digital space, to support employees in their transformation and to evolve innovation management.


Jooxter is a digital workplace platform that enables seamless collaboration for employees and leaders with evolving hybrid work models (flex office), and is fully integrated with enterprise collaboration tools (Google Calendar and Office 365).

4. karli solutions

Karli is an intelligent chatbot, connected to your communication tools, that allows your employees to better understand their strongest soft skills and to develop the right attitude and the ability to make the right decision at the right time.

5. Pitch Up

Pitch Up is a BtoB SaaS solution for companies and training organizations, using video recording to help employees become excellent in all their oral skills: presentations, pitching, sales meetings, …

What do you think of our short list? We are proud to share many values with these 5 young startups: collaboration, community and well-being.

Indeed, this is an important aspect of WeLoop. The frustration of business application users is one of the scourges of any IT department. Indeed, it endangers the efficiency and the relevance of your IT projects, whatever the means (human or financial) that you can devote to them. Whether it is support, adoption or training solutions, all these companies contribute to improving the well-being of employees in their digital workplace.

We are proud to highlight these French startups that, like WeLoop, are expanding the French Tech ecosystem by the day!

Vivatech makes this possible every year. Many companies and projects are put forward thanks to this event which allows to propel and make evolve any company.